Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Post 33

I am so about to quit this Sock War shit. My package is lost! I am so pissed. Do I reknit a whole other pair of socks for my victims' victim, or go postal on the postal system, the latter I think. Wait until tomorrow, and it was overnight too!


yarmando said...

Yeah, I pretty much dropped out too. I killed my victim, but my victim's victim is AWOL. Trying to figure out whom to knit for next was just a pain in the ass.

Have you heard from Yarn Fairy? She killed off Yarn4Kalei, so you should be in her sites.

Kate said...

that does suck- ahh the joys of the post!!!

anyway- have you heard anything from your assissan (yarn4kalei) or received your socks

her assassin, and hopefully me needs to contact her and was wondering if she was communicating with you at your end.