Thursday, December 07, 2006

Chicago recieved it's snow on the first of the month and it has been taking it's time melting every since. Because I haven't been feeling myself I've been trying extra hard to get into the holiday spirit. This is the first year I did any type of external decoration on the house. In the past I've not done anything because I just rent, but I couldn't help myself, I love the look of real greenery hanging from a wrought iron fence, very Charles Dickens of my, it looks even pretty with the snow.(it has little white lights too!) I hit the jackpot tonight at TJ Max. I go there every once in awhile, generally I don't find anything in the clothes I like, but they have a great silver jewelry and housewares selection. I'm going to sound like a 14 year when I say that I've been saving my babysitting money, but I finally used it to buy a huge lime green Le Crueset enameled pot for more than half the retail price, now I can roast with out having to buy those disposable aluminum pans, yea me! I was saving a little money on the side just in case I couldn't fix my iPod, it was ailing something bad last week, but I got it figured out so it's all good right now. I love to cook and I think this weekend is cookie time. I picked up some awesome copper cookie cutters at Sur La Table with the desire to practice my cookie decoration skills, I'll keep you posted. Slowly getting back into the knitting zone, I really need to work on this commision stuff that I'm using vintage Colinette yarn for, it's not easy making mittens for a 7 year old with thick-to-thin yarn, I'm up for a challenge I think.

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lorinda said...

Pretty snow. Hard for it to stay when it's 50 degrees, though, huh?

Le Creuset? Please tell us how your cooking it is with it. I've had my eye on that brand for a while.