Wednesday, December 06, 2006

My Apologies

When I switched my blogs awhile ago I made it a point to try not to bitch and moan and all that crap and just knit, this has left me to blog less and less. Well, I've not been myself the last couple of months and just last week I had an epiphany, it's my meds. I'm experiencing some wicked side effects from a medication I started to take again, I was off during a brief period in the summer between jobs, and when I took it before I didn't experience anything out of the norm. So I will start up with a new prescription next week and hopefully everything will be back to normal. Oh and on the knitting front, not too much, doing some commision stuff, nothing fancing, gloves and scarfs. I've not been inspired lately, which I hope is also a side effect that will go away.

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