Friday, December 22, 2006

Post 43

Finally made it to the boyhood home of Bill Clinton. yesterday was the worst day of travel I have ever had. My flight was of course delayed a little becasue of Denver and the weather, but then I did something stupid at the moment, but good in the long run. The flight was overweight and they asked for volunteers, and well, I sold my soul for the rock bottom price of $250 in airline vouchers. For this I was given the joy of a hunger headache because I never knew when the next flight was going to take off and instead of getting into Little Rock at 12 noon (or really 2:30 as my original was supposed) I got in at 5:00. I ended up getting dinner at Arby's instead of the Clinton Library as planned, and I missed the yarn store too :(. oh well, I'm here, the weather is nice, everything smells so good, and if I can't sleep well, my aunt the nurse gives me little mystery pills that put me right out, yea! The only project I ended up brign was the triangular scarf, and let me tell you, casting on 375 stitches with a massive hunger headache doesn't work well, so now I have to pull it out and start over. I'm hoping to have some time tomorrow to get in a back massage, I took in the water once (Hot Springs is famous for that) but it totally creeped me out. I just opened my gifts, the highlights were a garlic roaster and gift certificate to Knitpicks!

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