Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Post 42

Um, Snickerdoodles....
Real quick today, got lots to do. Worked a little late at work to make up for the two missing hours wasted by going to Big Bowl for a holiday lunch with our CFO, very generous of him, but after the holidays would have been nice. Had just to get a mani and pedi (grandma's one of those southern ladies who likes everyone to look good, hair, make-up, nails), caught the last hour of Stitch N Bitch but didn't knit due to nails, ran to TJ Maxx (they have the best cheap silver) to get the aunt a gift after she told me of the CD's she just bought, one of which was supposed to be a gift, and then I baked snickerdoodles. Still no idea which sock pattern to use on the STR tencel blend yarn, I'll figure that one out tomorrow while I pack.

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