Monday, December 18, 2006

Post 41

Thank-you secret pal you saved my ass. X-mas aka Festivus for the rest of us is a week away and I've been a busy bee all of a sudden. I'm not busy knitting gifts for family, but paid commisions. Had this lady contact my Knit Pimp, aka Karen, who had a bag of Colinette Point 5 that her mother bought 20 years earlier in Wales. This stuff was pretty, for the 8 year old daughter she had, mostly white with bright splotches of color. Crazy Colinette lady as I call her first wanted a sweater for her daughter, but after a long discussion about knitting sweaters for people who don't wear sweaters we choose a hat scarf combo. I wish I had the time to take a picture, but I only had the time tonight to drop it off. I could have taken an awesome picture with the new digi camera that my roommate bought me, yea! No longer will I use a camera with a rubber band holding the battery door closed. So back to the secret pal gift. I was sent two skeins of natural Cascade 220 (because of my love of Kool Aid dye), some really very pretty evil eye stitch markers (to keep evil spirits of jealous knitters away) and some yummy dark chocolate. I love the way the really dark chocolate breaks with a crisp snap...Well, I'm co-teaching a dye-to knit class next January at Lill Studios and need to come up with some samples of yarn for the dye teacher. As much as I love Knitpicks (which is were we will be getting the yarn), I wasn't in the mood to shop right now for it and have to pay shipping (I'm hoping for a gift card to the website so I can finally buy the multi-colored fair isle sweater featured inside) so it was perfect timing that two natural colored skeins showed up literally on my doorstep! I finally got my act together and made cookies, two batches, chocolate and mint chip, ummm. I go to my grandmothers house in Arkansas for the holidays and we always have chocolate chip cookies to eat, this year I thought I would save her the trouble and make them for her, sure hope I can carry them aboard the plan. Let me say for the record, I love the cookie scooper, it makes perfect cookies with no mess, add that to my Kitcheaid mixer and I'm in bakers heaven. Now a response to an earlier comment, Le Crueset rocks! Yes it's an investment, but take a look at the pots you see on Martha, Julia Child and Charlie Trotter use, if it's bright enamel it's Le Crueset. I no longer use Teflon, scares the shit out of me, enameled pots are like a precurser to teflon, nothing sticks to it and it cleans off easily. Now that I'm making a list of things to pack I have to choose knitting projects. I'm definately bring the Nancy Bush shawl from Scarf Style, but I need socks and I think it's time to break out and ball up the skein of Socks that Rock with 50% tencel that I've been hording since Stitches, but what pattern to use? Oh that's Bella taking her picture with Santa for charity at Petsmart.

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