Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Post 69, Eh?

Not being productive, bad knitter, BAD! I went to guild last night and that helped rejuvenate me a bit, just a bit. Still can't load pictures because of the MIA camera cord and the one I bought online hasn't arrived yet, so much for trying to save 20 bucks. I did have enough time to do this:
Apparently I'm making good use of my free time eh? Ok, I cleaned room, cleaned kitchen (an on-going project), now I think it's time to reorganize the stash and books, do I really need the Knitpicks catalogue circa 2003? I've started the second Army/Navy garter rib sock and that's coming along, still haven't picked up the Habu bag, it's EVIL, and I made a little swatch of the Sarcelle wrap in chocolate brown lace, yummy. Pictures sure would make blogging easier and prettier to look at.

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