Friday, August 31, 2007

Post 72

In the last month we have been blessed with the seasonal release of the new Interweave Knits and Vogue Knitting. If my memmory is correct Vogue came out first and then IK. I get Vogue mostly because I want to see what they predect to be fashionable in the knitting world, and then I get IK to have practical knitting patterns. Well, when you see a unique pattern you try to remember it, and then when you see it again reincarnated in another magazine, red lights! What do you think?

IK is on the left and Vogue on the right. Now I didn't inspect it completely and I know there are probably some structural differences, but come on guys, what are the odds of having two sweaters at the same time with such unique designs?
I finished the garter rib socks, aka Army/Navy, made with mill ends Lorna's Laces purchase during the Windy City Knitting Guild visit. I think I'm over the spaced-dyed yarn craze. I'm gotten to a point in my sock knitting adventures that I'm looking for unique patterns and you can't usually use hand-dyed yarn with them because the patterns don't show well and is a waste of time. I do have some lovely sock yarn that I purchased in NYC and at Stitches and it's becoming a challenge to find patterns that will look good with the dye jobs. I don't have pictures of the finished socks yet, those I will post later along with the specialo yarn I just got in the mail.

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