Friday, August 24, 2007

Post 71

Not much again on the knitting front, though I did do a little corner of the Sarcelle and it's looking very nice and an interesting pattern. Doing more house cleaning and organizing, blah blah. I read an article on line about the 5 most addictive computer games and one was called Peggle and of course I had to try it out. What a fun game and talk about great graphics, makes me feel like kid again all rainbow bright and my little pony fun. I did come across this during a trial of the game: Isn't that the coolest thing! Some game designer geek actually got it right on the ball(of yarn), so to speak. HeHe! This is the finished pair of Thelonis Socks, AKA one of Cookies Patters From Hell, you really have to invest some time into these, pay attention of have several row counters going at the same time. All in all, it was great and was my first time trying the Regia Stretch yarn and boy do I like it, just great for fat leggers like me, I only wish it came on more interesting color choices. Now that I have a new camera cord there are so many things I want to show you, but one day at a time, going to spread it out for maximum entertainment. Even though Stitches was a couple of weeks ago and went and bought some yarn online tonight, something new I hadn't even heard about until I read about it on Knitters Review. Three hints, 1. It's white, 2. It Sparkles, and 3. It's sock yarn. Will be photographed when it arrives sometime in the next week. Have reorganized the yarn cabinet abit, I had to go out to the Container store to get another magazine holder, right now I actively get Vogue and IK, alot of the time Spin-off, Wild Fibers and Selvedge and occasional Piecework and some crappy other knitting magazine for some reason, and now I'm running out of space. I think I need to banish the spinning supplies to a box in my room so I can have more room to let the yarn stew, marinate and then breathe.

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