Thursday, August 23, 2007

Post 70, Whoa Nellie!

And I thought today was going to be boring. We got one hell of a storm today, whosh and all of a sudden it was a down pour, I looked outside and it was like seeing a video from the caribbean during a hurricane. The storm went by fast and I think another one is lining up, this is the damage it did in my neighborhood.

Sad little pidgeon got it's wing hurt and cant fly.

Now for some long delayed pictures:
Funny animals I have, especially the dog, how does she do that with her legs?

And now from my Stitches Midwest trip:
How come the knitters couldn't do some sort of chalk art work like the Wizard World Convention people?

Now those are big needles.

Pure fug and it wasn't even the worst.

More to add to my stash.

Now a quaint little picture I took on my visit to the Fold in Marengo a couple of months ago with Adrienne and Linda, there's a little lamb under that tree.

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