Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Post 189-Houston, We Have a Sweater

Yea, it's finally done! I have finished my Ravolypics Tangled Yoke Sweater. There is no excuse for the delay because the truth is I did do lots of other knitting but I just got bored with the tedium of knitting on size 3 needles. Other than my blackhole/buttons and lace issue, I am very happy with my overall execution and the replacement ribbon and buttons I ended up using. I did learn several interesting things through this process.

1. Always keep the buttons and ribbon/lace trim together with the project yarn and do not lose it.
2. I learned how to cable sidways which is very sharp looking.
3. Do not steam your buttonhole band too much or it will pucker more than the buttonband.
4. I learned how to use the timer feature to take my own picture.

I am still in the process of doing a massive cleaning of my bedroom, starting with all my clothes and the clutter that has spilled over onto my floor. I really need to evaluate my wardrobe and give away/donate clothing that is old, stuff I do not wear, and items that no longer or never really did fit me. I am 4 months into my PCOS study and have lost 33 pounds, yea right? I have some items that don't fit because they are too big and others that are too small. I want to pare down my stuff and look over everything because I have the feeling the knickknack clutter that I thought I once needed I can probably live without. I have been needing to repaint my walls, no strike that, I never painted my walls to begin with so they are cover with nail holes, smudges, marks and wear, but before that I need to have a presentable room.
Next on my list as I finish up on the clothing sorting is the re-arrangement of my wall art. I was about to throw away a pair of gold gilt framed postcards of a Van Gogh and Monet that I bought at the gift shop at the Art Institute years and years ago. They no longer are cute and actually are pretty ugly now but the other night I was inspired and while they are cheap frames they do have a nice texture.



See-much better! I just popped out the post card, added a couple of layers of black acrylic paint, covered the backboard with really nice stationary paper, and attach a couple of collectible Sterling Silver Towle Christmas ornaments/pendats and Voila! I dare Anthropologie or Urban Outfitters to do better.

This was a nice braided wheel of spaced dyed roving I picked up at the Renegade Craft Fair last autumn that I dare not spin because I its just too pretty and my spinning skills are sorely lacking right now. Frame it and call it wall art.

Still on my needles are:
-Nora's holiday scarf, easy but bland.
-The evil Habu paper bag.
-Need to make one more thing for my sisters Domestic Diva birthday set.

What I am starting:
-Hourglass Sweater. I did start it and got 6 inches in but I realized that while I did do a swatch it's just too loose and way too big.
-Scheherazade Slippers, these are a store sample/pattern editing for Tactile Fibers.

Obligatory Cheesecake Shot.


Linda said...

Congrats on finishing the sweater! It looks so good on you (and that color looks great on me, too, *hint*). Love your new "cheesecake" photo, too. She's so CUTE.

Trillian42 said...

The tangled yoke is really lovely! Yay! And I LOVE what you did with the frames - brilliant. I may have to blatantly steal that idea from you at some point.

Hello adorable puppy!!!