Wednesday, July 05, 2006

First Day of Freedom

It's my first day free from the corporate work, I'm enjoying the vacation time I stuck it out to earn, and I'm putting it to good use. I went to the Chicago Farmers Market just north of the Historical Society and got lots of goodies. I've wanted to go for the longest time and now I'm free too. I met up with Janet, a new memeber of the Wickerpark SnB, we drove over, got awsome street parking, I intoduced her to the work of the Spice House on Wells where I picked up some dehydrated scallions, shallots, red curry, dried Romano cheese and a Vanilla bean (to make vanilla sugar). At the Farmers market I picked up baby carrots, french beans, sugar snap peas, tomatoes on the vine, herb chees, Butterkasse cheese, a cucumber and fresh French lavendar.

We hung out in my garden awhile knitting and chatting before she headed off to work. Last night the SnB was at Racheals because the coffee shop was closed for the holiday, I started a new project, a crocheted shopping bag. Lat year when the JoAnn's by my house had a mvoving sale I picked up two balls of Sugar and Cream kitchen cotton yarnb for 30%off, the two balls cost me less that 3 bucks!

Now yes I am the current yarn snob for my SnB group, but I am no fool, usually, kitchen cotton is ideal for this project. The idea came up to have a dye party and make use of some industrial cotton that looks alot like my stuff so everyone can make a bag. This pattern is easy-peasy and is helping me brush up on my crochet technique. I finished the last offidial piece of the butterfly, the instructions are vague about any blocking, so I'm going to play with that, I need to seam the shoulders and pickup for the collar and knit that next, all with two balls left! Currently I have a small saucepan of homemade raspberry jelly cooking, berries compliments of Linda, I even mushed the berries and put them through a sieve to remove the seeds! How busy I am, I would make a great housewife. I've done two loads of laundry, and still have to do some cleaning. For a giggle I picked up some things for Bella on Ebay in preparation for the upcoming winter. FYI, the collar and coat was a necessity, but the PJ's just make me laugh. Enjoy!

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