Friday, July 21, 2006

It's Not All Me

Second post of the day, told you I forgot some stuff. So I've cleaned and re-organized the kitchen a bit and found a good home for my standmixer. Those are not all my appliances, the crockpot and one of the grills are my roommates. I am my fathers daughter, I like gadgets. I remember once when I was a kid, I bought my dad a plaque for fathers day that said "He who dies with the most toys wins", well he won, and I inherited the desire. Also, I have a habit of buying items at stores that are bridal registry returns, the Cappucino maker makes it the second one, it had a gift receipt inside, congrats to Ann Bryant, but why didn't you keep it, it is so cool!

Also, I decided the perfect use of my crochet fascinatin right now, a blue peacock looking doilie to match my room. The new bedroom decor is blue and brown, but not so stuffy as what you would seen on Pottery Barn. I figured I could put the doilie on my pedestal night stand with a round piece of glass over it. The contrast of blue against the brown wood would be nice and the glass would protect the wood.

I just realized that now my pets, and especially my cat matches my new room colors. I now if I leave my bedroom door open and I can't find Piewacket, she's under my covers.

And finally a picture of the cashmere yarns samples from the UK/ebay thing.

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