Wednesday, July 12, 2006


So I updated my renters insurance today, how do you put a value on your stash? It's hard to explain to the agent that yes my couch is worth this much, but my yarn stash! I have a lot of odd balls, one of this, two of that, but some of those are 10-15 dollars a ball, plus I was just at Lorna's Laces for a tour and have 12 balls that retail for over 10 all that silk sari stuff....

Figuring out the value of my jewelry was easy, I worked in a jewelry store and I know how much things cost, but my yarn, and my wheel, and don't forget the tools, swift, ball winder, yardage counter, needle sets, bamboo needles, glass needles,! See my stash holder..all those books, years and years of archived IK and VK magazines, and my spinning wheel and the one once of cashmere I'm too chicken to spin right now. Right now as I write, the plumber has a torch under my sink taking out some leaking pipes, watch it, the policy starts at midnight!

I made the first batch of pesto with basil from my own garden, it was yummy!

I also made on sunday the Cherry cake the YarnHarlot wrote about, I took a picture but decided not to post it, it was yummy and delicious, and yes I pitted the cherries myself, but the almonds on top look alot like little worms so, I don't think so. Oh, my thanks to my friend Megan for getting me hooked on crochet, I can't find my needle set, but had some odd ones laying around, they're so fine that the only thread that is appropriate is some Habu steel and wool stuff, bad bad! I can see another addiction coming along.

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