Thursday, July 06, 2006

Second Day

Didn't do too much today, relaxed and piddled around. Ok, so I did do some gardening, major sweeping of everything, my goal is to be able to walk out barefoot and not get dirty feet, oh and to wear the broom bristles down to stub (I'm well on my way) The back is looking nice, hanging out in back is a pleasant way to spend the afternoon, it even smells green. I've got basil growing in long planters and from left to right, mint/flat leaf parsley, dill gone wild, tomatoes and peppers. (the last two are my roommates though I think they should be mine since I'm the one watering them and keeping them alive)

I also did several loads of laundry, the kind of things that pile up and you seldom wear, sharpened my crappy knifes with my ass-kicking Arkansas sharpening stone, the best in the country, I wanted one forever and finally got one last X-mas when I was down there visiting, and oiled my chopping block.

Aint' my life fun? I'm almost done with the string bag for shopping, I got my ass together and added it to my list of projects in process sidebar. Check out my Flickr pics! I got that one up and going too. One thing on my short list of todo's, update my empty knitter journal, major problem was pictures, my printer sucks, then I realized I could email them to Walgreens and have them do it. Also, I promise I will pull out the Ribbi-Cardi, measure it for a zipper and order one.

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