Thursday, September 06, 2007

Post 73, Grrrr!

Some more words of wisdom from Peggle. Seriously, what are the odds that one of the most addictive games online would have such wise words for us knitters.

Linda's on Ravelry, when will it be my turn, I wanna join too! There are 6700 people ahead of me, yea that's alot, on the other hand there are 13,000 people after me. On to other things. I fell good right now, I was putting off a couple of things this summer, some tasks I needed to do, I don't know why, I just did. Well they are done and sent off into the world and the burden is off my shoulders. Also, I have enough students in one of my classes this fall, so that's a go, and my date per year ratio is rising. So far the late summer is turning out OK, who knows what the fall will bring. I've been having some issues with my current sock. I'm using some DK weight glitter sock from Cherry Tree Hill. I picked this yarn up in New York and thought the color combo was kinda cool, definately not something I had in my collection. I hear about Cherry Tree Yarns all the time, yea the glitter thread is cool, the colors interesting, but the yarn, rough and a little itchy, more of a hiking boot sock. I've chosen to do my first Pomatomus sock, and really love the design of the pattern, but when you have a slightly thicker sock that's a little rough, the twisted knit stitches Cookie is fond of putting in her patters makes it feel very, ah, durable. The heel design didn't work too well with the yarn, it was too big and stretchy so I ripped it back and redid the heel flap using a twisted Stockinette stitch pattern. I guess I should start working some more on the Habu bag, that evil EVIL bag.

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