Sunday, October 07, 2007

Post 89-High School

Addiction, thy name is Ravelry.
Give me a three day weekend, fridge full of food, endless good shows on PBS, free internet and I became a Ravelry junkie. I figured as long as I brushed my teeth, took showers and kept my clothes clean what harm is there?
My history with computers goes back to gradeschool. When I was a kid in the early 80's I lived in Germany, and my dad being a tech geek and Air Force Officer kept us up to date with the newest technology. I had a computer before any of my friends, certainly for at least 12 years, way into high school. Nowadays kids in high school and college use facebook and myspace, I only have basic accounts on both of those sites just to keep in contact with old friends and some cousins. I never really understood the addiction of it, until now. I get so excited to see something in my mailbox! Occasionaly I'll come across and old friend or someone I know in Ravelry and will add them to my friends, but that's only the half of it. To see that person ACCEPT you back as a friend, well, it makes me feel all giddy, because what if they didn't? do they no longer like me, am I not popular. This is really bad, I shouldn't allow this feature in Ravelry make me feel like I'm in high school again, because I hated it the first time around. The stangest part of all is that just now I have realized that I finally have the keyboard mostly memorized and I can type without looking to much at the keys, aw the simple things. The Ljod sweater from Elsebeth Lavold I just started is well underway, loving it so far, but the dark purple color makes it difficult to knit in public. I tried to knit on it at my SNB group and couldn't get much done, and when I dropped in the Chicknits knitting group on thurday, I had fun meeting new people, but still couldn't knit in the dim of the coffee shop.

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