Thursday, October 18, 2007

Post 92-Twista Weather

Chicago weather, you're pissing me off. All I ask of you is to gradually turn into autumn, gradually go cold. This whole two days of cold, several days of warm and an occasional hellish day of hot has got my inner seasonal knitter all messed up. Today, once I got outside, was warm, almost hot, I was wearing a thin little cardigan and was starting to overheat. I'm so confused. The knitter in me says start knitting, start hibernating. Tonight we are supposed to have a lovely storm head our way; it's weird when it's hot outside and really REALLY windy, I imagine it's what hell must be like. So if we're lucky, the tornado weather will sweep by us in the night, hopefully not knock done as many trees as last time and bring a nice cold front from the north, Canadian knitters are so lucky!
I made a trip to Joann's for stitch marker materials and snapped this pic:
So I've been flipping through the new Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts issue, yea I'm a sucker and bought it this even after last years issues. I flipped through and didn't recall too many of the patterns, I don't think they recycled as many as last years issue did. I'm in love with the little clutch purse that uses the Tili Tomas Disco Lights yarn! I've been wanting to buy that yarn forever but didn't have a project in mind that only used one skein, now I do. Maybe if I'm lucky this weekend I'll come across a skein during the cornmaze/yarncrawl. At first I wasn't going to buy any of their yarn, they pissed me off, and honestly you can get a beaded silk cheaper from Artyarns anyway, but Artyarns doesn't do a sequined yarn, ugh. I heard that Tili Tomas was claiming to be the originator of the embellished yarn, huh? They can't possible think that they are the first, maybe they can trade mark the process, but not possibly the effect, heck, if I wanted I'm sure with a little patience I could figure out a way to spin my own "embellished" yarn. Oh well, like I said if I come across some I might just pulled into the allure of richly dyed silk and sequins. I'm like a ferret, sparkly things call my name.
Next on my lust list, the hourglass sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I'm in love with this book! How could you not love a sweater with a simple flattering design that comes in your size? Only problem is the shear amount of Noro Cash Iroha that would be consumed. I'm not against investing in this yarn, but I would really like to play with a skein first and see how I like it. I do have a bid on e-bay for a lot of it, it's not quite enough for one sweater, but I think it might be fun to add another color or maybe play with texture and add another yarn. I like a good deal and couldn't pass on a lot of 14 skeins, we'll see how high it goes.
I finally took a pic of my hellish Butterfly sweater made of Noro Silk Garden. I wore it last night when walking the dog, and honestly think it's going have to be frogged, the sleeves are too damn long, the collar sits awkwardly, and I don't think it's me, apparently others have had issues, some sweaters are not meant to be. It could very easily be made into the Karalund or faux Karalund. Who knows what may happen on a dark and cold winters' night...

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