Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Post 93-A-Mazing!

Yea yea, I know it's corny, hehe, pun intended. Saturday I went to a corn maze and yarn crawl with Kate and Katy, uberfun! Pumpkins were bought, cashmere was bought, a good outing for all.
The Llama at the petting Zoo:

The Corn:

The Pumpkins:


Kate and Katy:

The Cashmere:

On the way home we took the "express" lane in a construction zone and got stuck for an hour or so when there was a car accident and no one could pass, see, that's why you bring your knitting, I got lots done.

On sunday I went to Quiltology to get the lining for the little clutch purse I was making from the Tili Tomas I bought. I was a bad girl friday, after a tough day I needed alittle retail therapy. You know how some days when you wake up and you really REALLY need a cup of coffee, so much you can feel it deep down, that's how I felt, I really REALLY needed some retail therapy, off to Nina's for that Tili Tomas I just had to have.
I made this:

I finished making a tray of stitch markers and drove over to Karen at Knit1 to drop them off.
I gave her this:

The picture's not the best but it's a tray of a variety of hand made artisan stitch markers, something to fit anyone's budget, hint hint. I must be psychic or something because she was just about to call me with three knitting projects. The first is a set of christmas stockings that were made of somewhat itchy wool, but made in Maine, so yea for that! All I had to do was stitch names at the top. They must have been some kind of kit because each had a bit of yarn, needle and graph of the alphabet, so really it was easy, just a little duplicate stitching an two hours later all were done. The one thing that bothered me was that whoever designed these stockings to be bought and embroidered on, did not make it wide enough to get a name with more than five letters on it, I just barely made it. The next project to be fixed was a little baby sweater that was made in Ireland and was developing some holes, easy to fix, I'll just use the left over white wool yarn from the stockings, it matches perfectly! The third project was the worst, a generic man's sweater from Structure, that some guy really loves and had developed holes in the elbow and wanted them mending, easy to do if I don't suffocate from the fumes of his cologne, ick. I'm doing the best I can on this one, but it's tough and really won't last long, it's falling apart. I guess the guy wants another one handmade, but I said hell no, from his description he sounded like a pain in the ass.
So that's it in a nutshell of what I'm up to. I decided to make Grumperina's Odessa hate out of the cashemere. While Bella was getting pampered at Petsmart I ran over to Joann's to get some beads for the hat. My god, what is happening to the world when there is a line a Joann's at 5 in the evening on a tuesday, I don't get it.

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