Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Post 91-Yarn on the Brain

Fims has been down for the last few days so I am just now getting to blog about the very crazy last week I have had.
I dreamed of yarn and can't be the first person to do that? The dream was from a couple of nights ago and all that I really remember is that a group of my knitting friends and I were on horseback robbing a train (go figure) and as the train was pulling away from us I kept yelling "Grab the Qiviut!". What the? I have no idea where that one came from, but maybe I'm watching a little too many Gunsmoke reruns during the day.
On friday my BFF Nora came into the city and joined Rachael and I for a girls night on on the town. The idea was to go to the opening of the Chicago Coral Reef project at the Cultural Center, have dinner at the Weber Grill and then procede to see the new Elizabeth movie. The Coral Reef show was nice, I got there during the last hour which was nice for me because I wasn't up to shmoozing with people I was trying to avoid. The only thing about the show that got me was the pieces I was specifically asked to make, pieces that were not to be part of the larger combined displays but to be on their own with plaqards describing the way the shape changes with different rate of increases, was not to be found! I'm so bummed. I guess it's up to the curator and at the last moment things change, but I hope that as the show travels around they are used in a classroom setting, or something. Blah.

Wall pieces by a UK designer.

This piece was really with the black sand, it really looks like its underwater.

The red drapping thing is a filler piece that I made last week.

The multicolored orange one on the lower left is my first piece and the one I brought to the first meeting at the Hull House.

My new kickass shoes, which lead me to the next story and the second part of the events from that evening.

So the night of the opening I wore a new pair of shoes that I'm still trying to break in, so smart me brought another pair of shoes along to change into just in case my feet started to hurt. When we were finishing up our meal at Weber Grill and were getting ready to pay, I noticed my wallet was missing, it must have fallen out of my bag when I was changing my shoes. I won't go into the long story about my wallet recovery, but it did involve three calls to Chase, an honest woman who found the wallet, a quick trip to Dunkin Donuts for coffee, a 20 dollar reward and a midnight drive to the far south side to Riverside.
I have my wallet back, all is good and my faith in humanity has been restored.

Saturday was YarnCon. I got there kinda late because I had to go to the bank and have my account released, but with some cash in one hand and a coffee in the other I was off. I picked up the new Knitting America book which I was not expecting to see there with the author (I got it autographed!) It's the perfect book to read next after finishing No Idle Hands. The print job is great, lots of images from amazing archives, and lots of color! The only other thing I picked up was a ball of hand-dyed roving, it was a little pricy but I like support indie crafters. I meet up with some people and did lots of networking, a trip to a corn maze and a little yarn crawl are in the works now. Just tonight I realized that there was an entry fee, oops, I didn't know, from where I parked I entered the building from the back, oops.

My class at the art studio is over, that was a fast five weeks! It was a great class, we had lots of fun, I just wish the older lady in the group had grasped it better, I guess you can't teach desire.

So in the last couple of days I knitted a quick pair of angora baby booties for Karen of Knit1, all made from recycled sweater yarn and have gotten back into spinning. That's it.


A :-) said...

Oh My Dear, Riverside is NOT the Far Southern Suburbs . . . :-D

Melissa said...

Those shoes are fantastic -- I love them! (and glad to hear that you got your wallet back!)6

Bonne Marie said...

I second your observation, that, indeed, those are kick-ass shoes.