Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Post 95-Not Again

I feel like I'm in High School again, and I swore I would never go to a reunion. A couple of people I friended on Ravelry have not friended me back, so I was forced to de-friend them, I felt I had to because it was kinda wierd not hearing from them. Grrrr. Well, you can tell alot about people from the littlest things.
I finished this:

Did a little pumpkin carving:


The pumpkin on the left was a free hand design, but I got the design from the one on the right from a crafty website via Reknit. I love the Day of the Dead look, unfortunately the evil squirrels have nibbled away the heart shape in the forhead, agh!
While driving around and doing errands in Chicago I came upon this:

There were about three or four trees in a row that had been wrapped in knitting, I'm thinking about doing that to the trees in front of my house, they are so sad looking and sickly. In true Chicago style, someone posted over the knitting, I'm so glad they didn't take it down.

Now that the Odessa cashmere hat and silk clutch are done, I must gt back to the sweater I was working on, plus Ihave some jewelry to assemble for a local designer. If you thought pictures of Bella in her costume were too cute try taking her to a IG Meetup group were there were 15 IG's in costume.

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