Thursday, November 01, 2007

Post 96-Blue

I love kool-aid, I think we all can agree it makes a great last minute dye job for yarn, and apparently dogs. I thought I would get into the spirit of the holiday season and dress up the dog, she became a blueberry courtesy of a little packet of blue raspberry Kool-Aid. Unfortunately, she will remain that way until it washes out, so for the next couple of months she will be getting weekly baths and be the cleanest sweet smelly dog on the street, oh well, it's kinda cute.

The cat wasn't so happy about having to wear the dogs costume, but since I'm the master of the house I didn't give a damn.

I did alittle make-up job on my self, I thought it would be fun to channel my inner pixie/Frieda Kahlo.

And now I need to leave the coffee shop and get some work done on the jewelry I have.

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caillie said...

Cute costumes!!!!
Happy Halloween!!!