Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Post 101-Ahh and Gold

I know it's been awhile, but at least I can say I've been mentally blogging. Let's start with the season, this is my favorite time of year, between October and December 24. I like festivities but not commercialism. We were lucky this year and had lots of rain and for the first time in a LONG time, we got some great color change in the city. I drove up to Devon Ave last week, Devon Ave is the area also called little India and is where I like to pay 5 bucks to have my eyebrows threaded. I parked on a side street and was amazed with the gold I saw. I don't know my trees very well and didn't have my camera with me, I wish I had because I hadn't seen anything like it, big beautiful trees covered in a bright and pure vivid yellow. As I walk my dog around the neighborhood I'm seeing color like never before and am saying silly things like, wow, that's the color of a nectarine. In the previous years our barely green trees went straight to brown before you even noticed they had leaves to begin with. For the last day or two it's been misty and rainy out and I am in my prime. I downloaded some new music, all Celtic, the weather and music just make my desire to nest and hibernate in my cage even stronger.
Well, I've done it, I bought an airline ticket for x-mas. Every year I go and visit my grandmother and aunt in Hot Springs and have the most relaxing and calming time. The year I'm more stressed out, there is a slim chance that the aunt I hate and believe is evil might be there. I feel if there is someone in your life that you do not like and being around takes all the air out of the room and could damage your soul, just stay away. I've always had x-mas with grandma, that's our tradition and is usually the only time of year we get to see each other anyway. And for goodness sakes, it's not like we're religious anyway! Anyhoo, I was looking for tickets on Sunday and the times and dates I wanted were 261 w/out tax, yesterday they went up to 281 and 2 hours ago they went up to 321, AGH! I was about to settle for that when I remembered I had a voucher for 250 on my refrigerator from last year when I gave up my seat. I'm glad I took a closer look at it because it was about to expire in December. I had hopes of using it toward my flight to Europe, but that fell through. So as I was talking to the airline agent on the phone the ticket price dropped back to 281, yea! Just when I was about to give her my credit card number I opened another screen and searched again for the flight amount and it jumped back up? WTF???? I hate the airlines and the games they play, why would the flight amounts fluctuate that much at 1 in the morning?? I got the ticket for 281 plus tax and with my voucher I'm actually only paying 51 dollars. My roommate thinks I'm weird by being so possessed about getting the best deal, it's not about the money, I just don't like the games the airlines play and don't want to get screwed.
Now that I've got my ticket I need to go to Quiltology and pick out a quilt that my grandmother is going to show me how to put together. Truth be told, I really could do it myself, it's just that I thought it would be good bonding time with my g-ma, and face, she's 83, and while she's a very active, hip and modern grandmother, we all can't live forever.
Now for turkey day plans. Racheal was persuaded to come over to my house, it's just going to be the two of us, all of our friends our out of town. There was some debate on whose house to have it at, and while she does have cable, I have a much larger kitchen, like almost 4 times larger, so I won! I'm all prepped and ready to go. I went to the grocery store and dropped a pretty penny on food, but I'm making cranberry sauce (homemade), pumpkin pie (homemade), Martha's Mac and Cheese (homemade, it won out over mashed potatoes, it wouldn't be right to have 2 starches) and for my own private dining pleasure, a 7-up salad. yum! I was practicing this evening and made my neighbors, the Johns, a delish pecan pie, it was one of my best looking ones, just perfect. For some strange reason I've had this really strong desire for enchiladas and mole sauce, so I made some, tonight, after knitting guild. Don't know why I needed to a 10pm, but now I have a quart size Le Cruset in my fridge with homemade mole sauce, it might prove good with the turkey since I hate gravy.
I could type a bunch more but I'm tired and the animals are wanting to get to bed. Real quick on the knitting front, Guild was tonight and we voted for new board members, fun was had by all. I got some more done on a knitted/beaded scarf for my sis's x-mas gift, that's all.

Bella is still blue, just not as bright.

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