Thursday, November 22, 2007

Post 102-Gobble

Happy Turkey Day! I write as my lazy ass sits in a chair and I recover from my turkey coma. Boy Rachael and I done good, that turkey was mighty fine. Last night she came over and we brined that organic baby and today before we roasted it we patted it down, slathered it in butter, stuffed it with an apple and some celery and cooked it to perfection. As much as I wanted to constantly baste it, I was persuaded not, and they are right, the skin was crispy.

Fresh out of the oven!

Rachael getting ready to kill it a second time.

Pretty pics of the table all set.

This morning I woke up to snow, it barely counted but was noticeable, so I guess it was the first offical snow of the season. Oh so pretty.

It always amazes me that days of planning, lots of money and hours of cooking comes down to a feast eaten in 30 minutes. Nothing went to waste, leftovers were bagged up, extras given to neighbors, turkey carcass boiled down for soup, we are uber handy. Nothing on the table was pre-made, manufactured or store bought, everything was made from scratched. (Ok, technically the pumpkin pie crust was already made and rolled up, I'm not that crazy) Heck, the wine was even mulled with spices, ahhhh. We watched a couple of movies, some good, others bad, tried to knit with a buzz and basically just chilled, pj's and sweats were worn, even the dog joined in and was wearing her pajamas. Tomorrow we might meet up with Chicken Linda and dare to go downtown. I have no x-mas shopping to do there, just a visit to Loopy for post-coma yarn, maybe some iceskating on Michigan Ave, a quick purchase in Macy's and then to round it up, the Kristkindle Market!
Now I'm going to chill some more in my Laz-Y-Boy, pop in a movie and try to finish up my sis's x-mas scarf. Toodles!

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