Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Post 98-1/6.5

I am one sixth and a half of my way through my x-mas gifts. I decided to try to make as much of them as possible this year, that is for my non-knitting friends and relatives. Yes Nora, your hat is done and here is the tease:

If it gets horribly cold before X-mas and if you ask nicely, you might be able to get it early. For my neighbors John and John, aka the 'Johns', I am making hats for them too from a little pattern I designed for a friend, it's called The Urban Hat. If I recall, not to long after I make the original, the Panopticon decribed a very similar hat that he designed, perfect, that means its freat for a man to wear. So that means two more hats in the works and the yarn for it I bought on the road trip to The Fold. It was hard picking out the yarn, for my original I used Cascade 220, so I wanted something of a similar weight. One of the Johns wanted a plain black hat, easy, the other wanted something grey or oatmeal in color, harder than you think to find, but I think I got the perfect color, its a pretty heathered grey, but unlike any heathering I've seen before. Last year I swore I would not do the christmas gift thing with my sisters. In the past I've alwasy been good to them, but I am ofter overlooked because I live so far away and they have like a million kids to buy plastic shitty toys for instead. But I can't not give them a gift, especially since Kim has had a particularly hard year. I decided to knit them each the Airy Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, it's fast and easy and just perfect for the Texas winter. One ball of kidsilk I already have, kind of a beigy-putty color, so I need to pick up another, I think it would be lovely to some beads to the pattern, to glitz it up a bit and I'll get to try the crochet hook method of adding beads. So that leaves finishing the Habu paperbag for my grandmother and if I have the time I'll use the Karabella blue/silver mohair and make my aunt a big loose scarf, she's like a ferret and is easily dazzled by sparkly things. So that's it in a nutshell of what I have to make in less than two months, shouldn't be too hard.

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