Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Post 103-The Next Day

So on Black Friday Rachael and I went downtown, it wasn't as stupid as that may seem. We started out at Loopy, she had to meet a friend and I went along to pick up some Koigu for a scarf.

Pretty trees outside of Loopy.

I really want to make this chevron scarf in the Last Minute Knitted Gifts book. When I was in NYC with Linda in the spring, it was she who told me about it, so I bought the Koigu there, but only two skeins because that's what she told me I needed. I really needed 4, two of each contrasting color, blah! So if you've ever tried to match Koigu or even try to get another of the same color but in a whole other city, well good luck. So I picked out at Loopy two more colors that I thought would look great together even though Rachael did not agree. I'm not going to post pictures of them yet, because I'm not sure if using four yarns at the same time are going to work and I don't want to publish pics of yarn for a project that may not work out. (but really, I haven't loaded the pics yet, that's the truth). After a little yarn therapy we went off to Macy's. I needed one thing, face wash, and wanted to look for a new coat. After mush trying on, debating and patience, I think I found a winner, but I'm not completely sold. After living in Chicago for awhile I know the requirements for a new and warm coat, and honestly, some times you get what you pay for. The coat I did buy at Macy's is cute, trendy looking, but not the finest quality or best woven fabric and I can feel the wind through it already. The coat I really had my sights on is only being sold on their website, and it wasn't as discounted as much as the ones at the store, but I bought it anyway and when it comes in I will try it on and see which one I like the most. I did all of this in an effort to stretch the life on my pink coat. I love that pink coat and get lots of compliments every time I wear it, I think people like a splash of color in the sea of black winter coats. I noticed last winter that pinky was getting alittle worn around the edges, it needs to be dry cleaned soon, so maybe they can spiff it up, but all the same, I don't want to wear it out.
So back to black, friday that is. After Macy's we skipped the ice skating and thought we would take in a visit to the Kristkindle Market. I knew that was the opening day, but didn't know it was also the day they light the tree at Daley Plaza, it was VERY crowded.

Very Crowded!

Our timing was good and we got there 15 minutes before the lighting, just in time to hear some carols and get a good spot for the tree lighting.

Ohh and Ahh (before the lighting, I couldn't get a good steady shot after it was lit)

While searching for the hot spiced wine and surfing in the crowds we were starting to get stuck and realize that there was a great big log jam due to the city blocking off sections of the market so they could make 'drinking' areas. Rachael couldn't handle the crowds so she skipped out, but I was determined to get my liquor and collectible mug. I was really looking for the guy in the booth that sold the ornaments and holiday decorations made out of straw and read ribbon, but he was MIA as was the Russian booth with all the stacking dolls and hand painted trinkets, blah.

Well, enough of this. I am officially almost halfway finished with my holiday knitting, yea! Just one more hat for John, another scarf for one of the sister's, grandma's bag, and I added two head bands for the sucky cousin that may or may not be there for x-mas (she's might be getting either the Calorimetry headband or a crochet flower headband made out of the left over Tili Thomas silk yarn)

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