Friday, November 30, 2007

Post 104-Pie, Paper and Pie

What do you do with left over Thanksgiving Turkey, you make a homemade Turkey Pot Pie!

Ummm, Turkey Pot Pie!

I followed a recipe from my Fannie Farmer cookbook, aka the bible. I didn't have enough turkey to make a full sized one, so I decided to lay the crust down, layer the ingredients inside and pleat the crust over the top. I used fresh peas, cut up baby carrots, and celery. The recipe calls for chicken broth, but I used some of the consume that I made from the turkey stock, added some fresh cracked pepper, parley, rosemary and thyme to the sauce, well I am very happy with the end result.

So tasty-

According to my friend Rachael I am very weird and the only person she knows that takes photos of their cooking, blah to her, I got the habit from my dad. I would never buy a frozen pot pie, I can't imagine those tasting good, I imagine all the fillers and chemicals, yuck.

I made my yearly trek to the Christmas paper department in the Container store. I easily spend over an hour choosing just the right paper, ribbon and label combo, I get hardcore on this stuff. I swear that next year I will wear a shirt that will say- Don't Bother Me, I'm Choosing My Theme and I'm Very Picky. The poor sales people there try to help, but they continue to suggest the ugliest combos of paper and ribbon, beside I don't want their help, I go by intuition. I put alot of thought on my theme and I'm very particular, I don't like thin paper that won't take the crease of a corner very well, I hate poor quality printed paper where the the color layers are not registered well and linear patterns. I only need one roll so I like to make it count. This year I am very happy, I was going for an old fashion 20's/Victorian feel since so many of my gifts are hand made.

This years holiday wrapping paper-

The ribbon was a great score, the color is a little unorthodox, but it still really matches, has a beautiful sheen, took to bow tying well and is English.

The ribbon and paper, interesting combo but really works!

Yes I'm a freak, but I get GREAT joy out of this stuff and am no longer ashamed to admit it. And in case your wondering, I only use double sided tape and love the double inwards folding method with little triangles at the corners, very cute and professional.

The final result-

The other night I started on John N's Urban Hat. I was all cozy in my chair watching the Lord of the Rings saga when Piewacket jumped on my lap and got all cozy.

My little Pie-Pie using the yarnbra as a pillow.

This is why so many knitters have cats, I think yarn and felines go hand in hand. Had it been any earlier in the evening (not 1:30 a.m.), and if the yarn had more interesting than black wool she would have played with it. It's really funny when she gets all close up to string, you can really see how much her eyes are crossed.

None of the Above
Debbie Stollers new book came out, Son of a Stitch and Bitch, it's very cute.

I'm not sure what her publicist was thinking booking her at the Barnes and Noble in Lincoln Park, she should have been at the Borders on Michigan Ave, or at least on State St. She has a big enough name, is well known in the knit community, there was hardly anyone at the signing, I don't think it was her fault, I saw very little advertising.

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Birdwell said...

My husband thinks I am weird too for taking pictures of food. But when you're audience demands it...whatcha goin' to do?

We make Turkey Soup with our Turkey carcass--it's my favourite part of the holiday.

The holiday paper is beautiful--love your ribbon choice too. It's perfect.