Monday, November 05, 2007

Post 97-The Call of the Wild

Road trip! The Fold! What a weekend, coffee, wool and comradery, what else could a girl ask for? Bright and early saturday morning Adrienne, Linda Rachael and I headed out to the country to visit the Chicago Knitters Mecca, THE FOLD! It's part yarn, part sheep, it's really about the experience and the smell of the country. I was a good girl and got out with spending less than 60 bucks, and most everything was x-mas gift knitting.
Color changing in the country:

So much fibre it was coming off the shelfs:

Adrienne and I brought our wheels to do a little spinning:
It's really not that bad, Linda has 4 bags of chicken feed under all our goodies:

After spending the afternoon with Toni we were off and on our way back to the congestion of city life we stopped off at a cute little gallery/studio also in the country and not far from The Fold. There we bought lavendar soy candles, more fluff and took the tour of a barn circa 1840's. I swear, Linda can see two sticks sticking out of the ground and somehow sees a chicken coop, that's all she had on the brain.
A pretty little vingiette:

So very charming:

What really got out attention were the animals, llama and small herd of Icelandic sheep. Those sheep were so cute and so tiny just past your knee.
A Llama (pronounced Ya-Ma, not La-Ma according to Linda):

The Herd:

An Icelandic Sheep:

Just a bit of Americana:

I'm one of those people who gets joy out of using a pen until the ink runs out, or sharpening a pencil down to a stub. Basically I like to get my money's worth out of the things I buy, and now my tv is dying. I bought the tv in my bedroom when I went of to college, it's so old and cheap(though not a reflection of my age) that it doesn't have the red/white/yellow plugs in the back the modern tv equipment has. If it was going to happen, the timing couldn't have been better, I guess, I'm sure if I can wait until the day after Thanksgiving I can get a really good deal on a flat screen during some crazy sale that I have to get up at 5 in the morning for. Problem is, I'm having a hard to thinking about seperating myself from a couple hundred bucks. Agh!

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