Friday, November 09, 2007

Post 99-To Rock?

It's that time of the year, yup the Rockin Sock Club is open for business. The big question is, should I join. Pros-I like socks, Cons-I don't always like mystery sock colorways, Pros-First chance to sign up for the Sock Cruise, Cons-Sock club $220, cruise $1000(plus at least 300 for airfare). The final decision will be to wait and see. I have finally admitted to myself that I don't think I'll get to the UK next year. I had really high hopes and heck, my aunt is still planning and saving money, but if she falls through Rachael was going to be my backup travel companion for part of the way. I was watching the news the other night and it was not good. The dollar sucks, and is getting worse, maybe next year after the democrats have a landslide victory and the world starts liking us again the dollar will get the boost it needs, UK 09 or Bust? So, in my head I am planning trips for next year the involve staying in the US, which brings me back to the sock club. I've never been on a cruise, let alone a sock knitting cruise, it sounds like a perfectly lovely lazy vacation, plus I've always wanted to see Alaska. Perhaps. So the cruise in the late spring and perhaps Rhinebeck in the fall, sounds like a good start, eh? The cruise would be a go if I can find a partner in crime to share a cabin with. Any takers???

Working on my second x-mas gift, John R's hat, I just have the brim started and haven't got much work done because I've been doing a lot of babysitting and jewelry making. I did get my ass out of the house long enough to pick up another ball of Rowan Kidsilk Night at Knitting Workshop and some beads at Caravan to make the two sisters x-mas gifts, even though they barely deserve them. Since I'm being lazy this evening and have nothing to do but watch TV, I'll photo the new yarn and put it in my stash and finally finish entering the info on my needles, I can't believe I didn't do that earlier.

The search for the perfect humidifier is over. The first candidate I purchase was in the perfect price range (i.e. cheap), had a removable filter and was even made of anti-microbial plastic, very good. No, very bad! I got no sleep that night, it was like having an idling car next to my bed it was so loud. So back to the store it went, my only other option was a not-fancy whimsical humidifier that was only 5 bucks more than the first, ultrasonic (looks like smoke is coming out but is actually a mist) and super quiet, or go up to the 100 dollar range. Um, I really want/need a TV for the bedroom so this model from Bed Bath and Beyond won out at the low price of 34.99 minus the 20% big blue coupon.

It's fun and whimsical and we need more of that in our lives anyway. I picked up a dark brown stained short bar stool at Joann's on sale and plopped it in the middle of my room. I can't have it on my dresser or side table because when turned on high all night it leaves a little moisture surrounding it. So I thought it best to let it breathe in the middle of my tiny room. Hopefully my skin and I will stop fighting each other and be much happier this year.

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