Saturday, January 03, 2009

Post 182- One Month of Pictures

The cranberry sauce I made for Thanksgiving. Same recipe was repeated for Festivus but with added Clementine peel, cloves and crystallized ginger, yum!
FYI-I just started making the sauce when this pic was taken, I prefer my cranberries cooked until after bursting so it's nice a thick.

The Foliage hat I made for my cousin Patricia for Festivus, yarn came from stash diving and used up some Malabrigo that had been languishing for years. Changed pattern to only 2.5 repeats.

The call went out in the Chicago knitting circles that Jamba Juice was introducing hot oatmeal and as part of the marketing campaign they hired some of us knitters to come and knitfitti the store on Michigan Ave just north of the Art Institute.

I crocheted the cover of the handle on the outside sign display after the previous knitted bow was removed by some stranger walking down the street, I guess they need a scarf? It was kind of funny seeing it happen.

I knitted the orange and green striped bar cover and mattress stitched everyones cover on.

Made a quicky crocheted doily cover for one of the tables, it's removable!

The bane of my existence for several weeks, these damn stockings took way longer than expected but I am glad to get them done, I am offically a knitwhore.

I joined Linda and her niece and nephew on their visit to the Art Institute to view the tapestry exhibit, it was sub zero that day and fucking cold!

Linda and I smile with some holiday cheer in front of a poinsettia display in the Art Institute.

While waiting for some in our party to make use of the restrooms I played around with snapping some photos in the statue area that I never really noticed before. This is a favorite of mine now, I kept staring at it thinking I really need to get myself a lover this year.

Linda chatting it up.

So Festivus dinner was at my house with John, John, Valerie and Rachael coming over for food and just general good times.

I was ironing the table cloth only to find that a little creature wanted to make a tent out of it.

The table was well set considering that the only items I bought for the occasional were the candles and some matching red cloth napkins. I made pomander balls with clementines and cloves and made some glittering pine cones for a decorative splash.

Rachael was proud of her(our) turkey and couldn't wait to carve it. I say our turkey since I helped carry it into the house, it took up space in my fridge, we brined it in my cooler, Rachael got turkey juice all over my kitchen and it was roasted in my oven. I may not have slapped some cash down for it but I think I still contributed to it's well being and tastiness.

Someone said something funny and I think Valerie is agreeing with it.

John chilling on the couch after dinner, Pyewacket really REALLY likes him.

A nice little Potpie I made with leftover turkey, veggies, and a piecrust, um yummy!

Mia enjoying her Festivus gift from Nora.

Self portrait.

New Years Eve revelry with Nora and Valerie make growling faces.

We went out to Chief O'Neils for NYE partying with Rachael, Valerie and Nora with Val's boy joining us later. We wanted to keep it on the cheapside and all the planned events in the city were sooooo expensive. There's nothing better than good friends, cheddar bear soup and a tumbler of scotch.

Happy New Year! I started earlier that day with some wine and then this champagne and even after a night out barely managed to achieve a really happy buzz.

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A :-) said...

Happy New Year!! Look how skinny you are!! Woo Hoo!! You're taking great care of yourself and it shows :-) Sorry I didn't make it down to the Art Institute - it was just too cold that day.