Thursday, January 15, 2009

Post 186- Weather:Wicked

It is effing cold here, no, excuse me but it's no time to be polite, it's fucking cold here, really. I was reading up on some news on the Chicago Sun Times website and where it described the weather conditions it just said wicked. We keep the house here at 64, though sometimes I can't stand it and raise it to 66 or 68, oh I'm so bad! Today I remembered the wise words of Brenda Dayne of Cast-On, "If it's cold out, put a sweater on, that's what they're there for" and took it to heart. Normal I putz around the house in jeans and a sweater, sweats or even sometimes my pj's. Today I wore two pairs of socks, thermal bottoms, long thermal skirt, t-shirt, long plaid granny pj's and a wool cardigan, and then was on the couch with two blankets, a really furry siamese to keep my arms warm and a not so furry Italian greyhound to keep my legs warm, I think I was successful. This year roomie and I even put up thick insulating curtains and shirk-wrapped several windows to see if that would help.
Yesterday when I ventured out to Stitch and Bitch I was happy to have my new whimple and had to wear a pair of stretchy gloves inside my warmest lined wool winter gloves. I am so grateful for Megan who ventured out from suburbia to join us, she kindly drove Rachael and I back to out places and saved us from long cold walks and waits for the never coming bus/train. This losing weight thing has been a mixed blessing, yes my jeans are loose and it sucks that they are looking sad and baggy on me but at least I can wear my thermals underneath without them becoming too tight!
I tagged-along with Laura to the Noble Square Stitch and Bitch on sunday and had a lovely time, I might have to go back more often. Besides the always yummy food was a nice group of gals, one who ever brought her wheel. Lucky me to pick the white elephant meeting to go to, I made a set of 6 tourmaline and silver on aluminum rings stitchmarkers for the swap and in the ended up with a gorgeous skein of handspun yarn. Gift swapping always makes me a little nervous and I prefer to have amount limits but when you or other people make things I think we always undervalue our skills. I know that the yarn I got would sell for way more than the swap limit was and same for my stitchmarkers, but they were small and I kept thinking if someone really wanted them, I would just give them away. I guess I'm still not used to charging for my creative time or skill.
Anyway, I think tomorrow would be a great day to venture out of the house and into the cold again. I need to go to Keihls to exchange some facewash that I bought with a holiday GC, I got the wrong formula and then head on over to Knit1 to pick up another repair project and the moula from the holiday stockings I knitted. I know lately I haven't been sleepy well, just can't get to sleep and have resorted to drugging myself or have a nightcap of scotch, which might be why I've been having weird dreams. Besides the weird one about sock yarn and books, I had one where I dreamed the flat iron building here in Wickerpark didn't contain artists studios but a yarn dying company that was closing shop and had a big sale. There are more details than that but the fact it was about yarn again, sad. I picked out some sock yarn from my stash and was playing with it a bit thinking maybe I need to have a pair of socks on my needles but it wasn't going anywhere so instead, get this, I'm working on the Tangled Yoke again. It's amazing how much knitting you can get done when you don't watch crappy daytime tv and depressing news and instead watch movies on Netflix or Hulu. I finished the second sleeve, have attached them and now am working on one giant cardigan, officially I am 3.5 inches from the tangled part of the yoke, Yea!!!!

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