Saturday, January 17, 2009

Post 187-A Touch of Insomnia, A Dash of Creativity

It's amazing what you can get done when you embrace the sleepless nights instead of fighting. Such, during a viewing of All the President's Men via Netflix, I kitchnered the armpits of the Tangled Yoke, wove in the ends and knitted a few more rows. When I attempted to go to bed, which was fruitless, I got really bored and surfed the web. Mix one part Mucha, one part self-portrait, stir with Photoshop and Voila! you too can find yourself inside a Mucha print. FYI-he's one of my favorite artists.

Yea, it's not my best work, but then again I was never studied computer graphics and stuck with the fashion/fiber stuff instead. I think tomorrow I will rearrange the art on my bedroom walls for a fresh look, clean my room, put crisp sheets on the bed, take a nice hot bath, drink a nightcap and see how that goes.

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