Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Post 184-My Table Runneth Over

What what a mob last night at Stitch and Bitch Wickerpark/Bucktown, it was a blast. There is a lull of public knitting during the hot months, and now that the holidays are over and we are getting ready for 4 months plus of bitter cold snowy Chicago winter we'll have lots of time to have fun.
My sister's birthday is coming up at the end of month and I have no idea what to get her, so she's getting some good ole fashioned handknits. Seeing as how sis lives in Texas, no sweaters for her (which I wouldn't have done anyway). I know that her kitchen is ivy themed and there are lots of lovely kitchen cotton projects in the second Mason Dixon Knitting book.

Behold, a hanging dishcloth.

I plan on making her a swifter cover, oven mitt, rubber gloves and several dish clothes, let's just hope she isn't afraid to use them. I wonder if she ever used the fur lined handcuffs I sent her a couple of years ago...

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Linda said...

:-( I'm sorry I had to miss SnB last night. I was sick, and still am, but I'm getting better thanks to some TLC, lots of ibruprofen, and some NyQuil!