Monday, January 05, 2009

Post 183-And Underneath Her Whimple She Has Curlers In Her Hair!

I think the new knitting project craze are whimples. Everyone is making them and every since I saw Linda's (and tried to steal it at SnB) I had to have one. Secretly deep down I always wanted to be a nun. Once upon a time when I was a child I was Catholic, but it wasn't the religion thing that appealed to me (because I think god if there is one is a female), but more that I liked the outfits. I'm still disturbed by the fact that the nun's at the high school I went to didn't wear the full penguin outfits and you could see their curly gray grandma hair sticking out from under their short white wimples. Doubt was a great movie but what's up with the bonnets?
So I have made my own wimple and will no longer be trying to borrow others. Several weeks ago I found myself in west suburbia and make a trek to String Theory. My first instinct was to use Meriboo from Frog Tree, such luster it had and I've never worked with bamboo before. Instead at the last minute I picked some Imperial Stock Ranch. As much as I really liked the yarn, it's color, the lingering hints of lanolin, and it being American made, bred and grown, it just didn't have the drape that I was looking for, so back to Meriboo I went.

I just finished it tonight and while it is a little short I have no doubt that it will stretch with use. The next project that needs to be finished it Nora's scarf. I cannot for the life of me remember what the pattern's name is, it's so easy to do you memorize it right away and I don't think I put it in my favs, oh well.
I will get back to working on the Tangled Yoke after I finish knitting up gifts.

Mia and Pyewacket.

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Linda said...

Congrats on finishing the wimple! And that is *the cutest* photo of pets I have seen in a long time!