Friday, January 09, 2009

Post 185- In Which I Dreamed of Socks and Other Things

So last night I dreamed of socks, sock yarn, sock patterns, sock books, sock designer friends etc. Why? I guess I'm bored with kitchen cotton knitting and sweater knitting and would rather be doing something else. My old friend Cookie A has a sock book coming out in the spring and I'm really excited for her, I remember two years ago our IM messages regarding sock patterns, how to market them, what stores to go to and book titles, how the time passes. Tomorrow I will choose from my stash and cast on a new pair.
FYI-I hope Linda is feeling better because I sure am. If you ever find yourself in Chicago and want an awesome place to get a drink, try the Violet Hour and ask for the punch that starts with a P, I can't remember what it's called, but boy it sure creeps up on you and it's really cheap. I was more buzzed than I thought and I enjoyed my walk home from the train, it was snowing snow-globe snow, all glitter like and pretty, I was thinking naughty thoughts about the shapes in the snow, I will sleep well tonight.

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