Friday, December 07, 2007

Post 105-Soooooo Close

I'm excited about a project I hate, the evil Habu bag. I pulled it out to finish but then realized I had to locate the instructions somewhere. After a rather quick look through my knitting bookcase I found it, yea! With the pattern in one hand and tapemeasure in the other I realized that I am only 1 inch from finishing the widest and slowest part of the pattern, after that just the strap to do! It's nice to realize that you are further along in a pattern you hate then you realize. At the last guild meeting someone made the large ring bag from Interweave Felts, they didn't like it, but wow, my grandmother would, I almost wish I was making that instead of the silk/paper bag, ugh.
Not much else going on, still doing some work for the ditzy jewelry designer, had an interview at a company I really like, and have been enjoying the snow.

Now that's good snow!

Hand knit socks feel good when it snows!

I made a couple of the Calorimetry head bands, I really like the concept, but I think it needs alot of adjustments. The pattern said to CO 120 sts, but I only did 100, and also went down to a size 6 needle. I have to problems with this pattern and it's my heads fault. I have no back bump, or at least one big enough for the band to grip, same thing with my heels, I can't wear shoes with a thin strap over the heel, it just won't stay. I also no longer like the ribbing, keeps stretching the headband out. I think with some left over grey wool yarn from John's Urban hat I will take the basic design, 100 sts, short row it every 6 sts so it's not so wide, start and end with a purl row and then just make it stockinette with a twisted knit stitch. Does that make sense at all??
I was glad to get a comment from a stranger about my blog posting on photographing food, see, I'm not the only one.

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