Saturday, January 12, 2008

118-Sock Yarn Obsession

It's all your fault Ravelry, you are my knitting enabler with all those lovely ad banners. I have been very good to contain my yarn lust to just sock yarn. I know myself, if I want it all I will do is think about it, I may not buy it but I will drive myself crazy. So, I allow myself to obsess just about sock yarn just in case I can't control myself, it's a much cheaper thing to buy, right? So tops on the list are the new Noro Sock yarns, I WANT SOME! Yea I heard it's a bit scratchy, but I've come to think of wool socks as sturdy and strong wearing, I would think Noro would fit the bit.

Less than 20 bucks for a ball, enough for a pair.

Finally my love of their colorways are being produced in a yarn I would actually use. I wasn't crazy with the way the Silk Garden after blocking, it became very scratchy. I have high hopes though for my stash of Cash Iroha, it has cashmere in so it must be good right? The closest place that has the Noro sock yarn is Mosaic and it's taking every thing in my power not to drive out there and pick some up. I need more sock yarn like I need another hole in the head, eh? But it's only 20 dollars, enough for a pair, WAHHHHHH!

The other sock yarn I'm obsessing about right now is this luscious chocolate brown divinity that Hazel Knits is selling.

Only 23 bucks for a ball, enough for a pair.

I came across it while reading Wendy Knits' blog and I fell in love. I have a little PMS right now, and when that happens I crave chocolate, I thought the chocolate truffles from Whole Foods would work, but maybe I need chocolate yarn too? While Noro fills my desire of color, Hazel Knits' dye jobs fill my love of semi-solids. I think of it this way, one is for weekend wearing (Noro) and the other for during the week (semi-solid). These two yarns are enough for me to fall off of the no more yarn buying band wagon, I haven't bought any this year. I even went into Loopy during a sale and only came out with a wooden sock mending egg, how about that. I deserve a little reward, I've been during some more work for crazy jewelry lady and she wants me to come over a lot next week to help her organize and work on her database, that alone deserves a trip to etsy!

So late last year I started working with this other sock yarn I had, Jitterbug I think, only to realize it was a thicker gauge than I prefer for my socks, but it's so pretty. I think it would make a lovely sweater for Bella, my Italian Greyhound. In a couple of weeks is her meet-up group and it's a little fashion contest, and she would look so swell in a new sweater.

I'm still debating whether or not to make her a hat, their ears get so cold and it would be a great way to use up some of the moss green super eyelash yarn that I have. Also, it would match the bits of green in the sock yarn for her sweater. Damn, she's a dog, they're supposed to look foolish.

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Birdwell said...

I saw that chocolate yarn on Wendy's blog too. Man, it looks so delicious! I also like how she's pairing the green with it--oh so chocolaty-minty! Yum. I can't wait to see her finished socks.

I just got off a sock yarn bender myself. It's even funnier since I have yet to complete a pair of socks.