Sunday, January 06, 2008

Post 114-Gifted

No not me, well sort of, I was given as a gift again this year. Some really thoughtful person is giving 2 hours of my knitting time to her fiance so he can learn to knit (he's an art teacher), isn't that sweet? I was told once that I had an IQ in the 130's and did so well in my Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery tests in high school that the military kept trying to recruit me, yea right. At one time I was thinking of going into the military because I was an Air Force brat, but whoa, that was a close call. I couldn't imagine myself in the military anymore, I love to knit too much and well, I'm not a republican, though I am very much into my american heritage.

You would think I was a newbie knitter by the way I had a brain fart over turning the heel in the Cat Bordhi sock book, but I figured it out and am working my way up the leg. Lesson to all, do not start a knitting project when held up in a guest room when a much hated relative shows up early during your holiday break. I started knitting the Spiraling Coriolus (sp?) and you do these increases across the top of the foot, or so I thought, I forgot to put the k2tog in before the k1fb, and yet it fits really well, actually these are the best fitting snug socks ever. Once I got past the heel it was easy peasy, you just keep doing the k1fb and I started doing the k2tog before that lined up nicely where the sl1 edge of the heel is so it looks really cool. To accommodate my chunky calf I only do the k2tog every other round so it will slowly and not very noticeably get larger, I hope it works. I'm not sure how high I'll make it but I do want to get it finish asap so I can get started on the second one, avoid single sockitis and once the pair is done, finish my holiday gifts, my bad. :)

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