Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Post 116-Winter, Wheredya Go?

Whoa, that was a close one, I thought for sure Global Warming had gotten us. All the snow melted away and left piles of mushy leaves, packing peanuts and trash, I went outside the other to sweep the walkway in short sleeves, wah??? Thank goodness it's finally gotten cold again and maybe by the weekend it will snow, please let there be quiet whiteness again. The only good thing about this little heat wave is that the heater doesn't go on as much at night (we have it programmed for the low 60's at night) so the cat doesn't have a warm floor grate to sleep on under my bed so she has taken to snuggling with me now.
I finally finished the first Spiraling sock from the New Pathways book, it kinda looks like a shriveled up raisin.

Dip me in chocolate and call me a raisinette.

Now that I've gotten the first one done I hope I'm over the Cat Bordhi Sock learning curve, the next should go by faster. I learned a couple of new things on this project, I really REALLY love this yarn, (I don't mean Trekking XXL in general, but this particular style) I did my first figure 8 cast-on (a bit of a pain in the ass) and my first EZ's sewn bind-off (really nice, my fav so far I think, but it takes FOREVER) I also learned to never start a new project and new technique when under stress. Yes, Linda I made some errors, and no I did not rip them out, so ha!

My best fitting socks to day, snug as a bug.

Slowly and steadily there are improvements in the cat/dog relationship. Just this night Bella was chasing the cat around wanting to play, to bad she's scared the cat so much that Pie isn't sure what's going on. Every once in awhile I test the limits and they are learning.

If they can get along why can't the world?

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Birdwell said...

Cute socks. My three year old just exclaimed--MY FAVOURITE COLOR!

I'm muddling my way through Cat's new socks too...I am trying it on a pair of my nieces socks. I am doing the riverbed architecture. It's stalled because I have to tink back. Stalling is bad because her birthday is at the end of the month.