Thursday, January 17, 2008

Post 120-Sweata Weatha

Score one for me, Bella has a new sweater! Technically the doggie sweater will be my first official Finished Object of the year.

The yarn I used was the perfect choice, I'm really happy with it and even happier I was able to use something from my stash. This is my best dog sweater yet, it's extremely fitted, maybe a little too tight getting on in one area, but I have faith that it will stretch over time, plus, the fitter the fit, the less likely Bella can wiggle and rub her way out of it.

I went with my standard dog sweater pattern, AKA "Make It Up as You Go". So first I start with a swatch, figure out the stitches per inch, measure dog's neck, do some math then cast-on. Depending on style wanted, knit tube in the round in a k2p2 rib until you hit the collar area. When increasing is needed start with a center rib and increase off both sides at same time every other row, keeping with the rib pattern until wide enough to fit over the beginnings of the chest and top of the front legs.

I could continue describing how I make the perfect Italian Greyhound sweater, but that's a trade secret, if you really want to know then I'd have to kill you.

On Ravelry I join the World Yarn Swap group, it's like a one month/one package secret pal exchange. My partner lives in Turkey and wants Harvest colored sock yarn, shhhh, I have the perfect yarn and color picked out. I have one skein in my own stash and need to get one more, or I have the option of stash swapping with Chicken Linda for some good stuff she has, hum, don't know yet, got to take a look at what she has. Swap partner misses American food so in the package will go some Kraft Mac N' Cheese to keep the yarn company, maybe some yarnsnob stitch markers?? and a couple of other goodies perhaps. I can't wait to see what I get!!! A long time ago in another life when I lived in Germany, my parents went to Turkey and Greece on a vacation, they brought home a fur coat for Mom, lots and LOTS of copper and brass stuff and do-dads. Actually, most of the copper pots and pans they bought in Turkey are being used as decoration on top of the cabinets in my kitchen right now!

Shhh, I have another secret, but don't tell Chicken Linda, I bought one of those skeins of yarn I've been fascinated with, the Chocolatier colored sock yarn from Hazel Knits. I know, I know, I wasn't supposed to get it until I finished one of the projects I listed, but hey, I did the dog sweater right? Plus, it won't ship till the middle of next week so I will likely have the other Raisin sock done by then anyway. HEHE


A :-) said...

Sounds like you are joining my Stash Busting Challenge - sorta :-D I haven't bought yarn or fiber since mid-November . . .

Linda said...

You bad, bad girl!

The sweater looks very nice, though. I tried making one for Sadie once and it was a total disaster. Oh, well. She hates having stuff put on her anyway, even though she does get cold easily.