Monday, January 07, 2008

Post-115 Blahs

I think I would get more knitting done if I wasn't so addicted to my computer and the internet. It seems lately that my mysterious wireless internet source coming from my landlord has been too reliable and all I do is surf, check my e-mail too much and hang out in Ravelry. So sad.
Slowly my spiraling sock is making it's way up my ankle, I know why I like to knit in such a fine gauge, but damn if it don't take forever. As for the the on going quilt project, the second batch of strips have been sewn, all I have to do is iron the seams and go on to the next step, cutting them into pieces.....I'm a little nervous about that part. I miss my grandmother's sewing machine, after using hers I realize mine are cheap noisy pieces of shit. I like, no I love the idea of a fancy machine that purrs but I don't sew all that often, so why start obsessing about it, that's what my knitting is for.

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