Friday, January 11, 2008

Post 117-Nuttin

Nuttin much going here. I wish I could say I got some knitting done, but nope, nada, not a thing, I spent my day making jewelry for the crazy jewelry lady. If I pop in a movie and get really motivated I might just cast on for the other sock, that would be nice and would help me get over second sockitis, I think my new-found favorite drink might help. I discovered if you take a carton of Organic Banana/Orange/Pineapple juice pour yourself a glass and then add a liberal dose of Bacardi Rum, well, heaven! Almost as good as the drinks my local Cuban restaurant can make. See, aren't I boring today?

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Janet Mauk said...

You are funny! I'am a Hot Springs knitter and was looking up knit groups when I found your blog. Orignially from Detroit, but been in deep south 26 years. still miss the seasons, the city energy and the maples and white birches. most of all miss Ram's Horn Hot fudge ice cream puffs. do not miss the duration of cold, gray days. I LOVE KNITTING! knit for charity and sew and knit cancer chemo hats. I am going to attempt socks, soon. Made a felted purse, tedious, but it was worth it in the end. beautiful. Keep on, keep on. Janet