Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Post 113- Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Champagne Cooling in the Snow.

Valerie pointed out that one of the balls on the tree outside had a pretty little ice formation on it and it looked like it had a beard.

I hope 2008 will be a better year for me. I am thankful nothing truly awful happened to me, at least nothing I couldn't handle. I hate that there is so much importance on the "new year" and that all the TV stations do all those lengthy years in review shows. I do not make new year's resolutions, they are bad and when the fail it makes you feel like shit. Instead I like to think about the changes I need to make in my life to make it simpler and happier, but I do not write them down!

I thought I was going to go out to the local Cuban restaurant for festivities, it was close by so stumbling home drunk was the plan, cheap at only 50 smackers, but in the end roomie went out with some friends and I planned on chillin by myself(my family is part hermit). I just barely made it to the grocery store before they closed (at 10), picked up some champagne, pasta, a couple bad romance books and a cheese cake. I was very happy that BF Nora actually managed to make it out and with 10 minutes to spare. So it was fun, it was relaxing, we watched movies, I think I knitted a wee bit, she work on a sequin ornament and we had a jolly slumber party. True to my word I woke up early (at 9:45) got her up off the sofa bed, feed, coffeed-up and out the door by 11:15ish so she made it home and was able to take the parents to their big family brunch that some crazy aunt hosts. See, this was good, I proved to my friends parents that Chicago is not the big bad city, I do not live in a crime infested slum and because she returned home on time as was agreed, she might be able to come out and play again, WEEE! (I guess I should briefly explain that BF lives at home and takes care of the house and her parents who have had many health issues this past year, and she borrowed her da's big bad car which is great in the snow (she lost her car in a crash last year))

It was so nice yesterday and today with the snow, I find it so calming and love the sound of snow falling, it soothes the city I think.

Artsy photo of snow falling at night.

I've been trying my hand at going a little bit more greener, I use those creepy colored new bulbs, recycle, worm compost, and taking a cue from the Yarn Harlot, keep my house cold. It's really easy since roomies bedroom is always hotter and I have the new feather duvet. We keep the house at around 64, I don't know how low that is, but there's definitely a chill in the air but not so cold you can see your breath. I wear sweats under my flannel pj's, a wool hoodie and sheepskin house slippers when around the house. When sitting in the living room I use lots of blankets and have the cat and dog laying all over me. So the other day roomie and I were discussing how cold it was and how we are trying to keep the floor vents from being covered by furniture and pet toys, when I noticed the main reason why it may be so cold in the house.

Number one source for heat blockage, that's one toasty kitty.

I loved my tree this year, I know I've said it before, but it is so pleasant to look at, I wonder how long roomie will tolerate it being up, I feel like testing this out.

Much prettier in person, nice and old fashioned looking, very homey.

It's past midnight now and I want to finish the heel of my new sock, I really love the Trekking XXL yarn, it feels like a real live store bought socks!

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nora said...

I'm glad you had fun that night--so did I! (And thank you again for waking me up!!!)