Sunday, January 27, 2008

post 122-

Someone on Ravelry posted a link to this site :
It's a cute little quiz that tells you what your knitting personality is, and surprise, surprise I am this:

The Logical Knitter

You approach knitting logically and methodically. You'll enjoy reading knitting reference books and find satisfaction in using the best knitting techniques. You like to understand the logic behind how thing work. You strive for perfection in your finished knitting. Many successful professional knitters fall into this category, in fact many have a scientific background e.g. Stefanie Japel.

Don't let your perfectionism spoil your enjoyment of knitting. Hand knits won't always be perfect, but knitting is a craft where the opportunities for learning are endless. Your logical approach means you can refine knitting patterns and as your knowledge increases you could produce well designed, logical patterns.

Don't be afraid to experiment with colour and pattern, after all knitting can always be unraveled! You may lack confidence in your ability to be more creative. A knitwear design reference book could well give you the boost you need.

I'm kinda bummed, my knitting class at Northwestern is a go this quarter, but the idiots changed the day we like out classes on without asking and so I'll be missing the next 6 weeks of Stitch N Bitch, motherfuckers! If Anne my co-teacher hadn't called to tell me that class was a go, I would never have known because they never contacted me, inept idiots.

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