Sunday, February 17, 2008

132-Endless Pursuit

You know what it's like when you are just sick of what your knitting and just want to do something else? I just want to knit with something soft and pretty, I want to swatch my Debbie Bliss Silk. But, I've been good, I've not balled it up and all 8 skeins still sit in their cube marinating. I look all over Ravelry for the perfect pattern, perhaps a camisole? No, nothing. I spent over an hour going through back issues of Interweave, yup my library goes back to 2001, nothing. I saw several pretty camisoles but everything was so lacy you would see my not so slim profile through it. Ugh! This is when I realize I should just stop, don't force it, otherwise I will pick a pattern that is not right for this yarn and just fuck it up. I guess I should work on my sock now.

On a side note, and don't laugh, but I finally took down the Christmas tree. In my defense, it was a small fake tree and was oh so cute this year. I really hate Christmas, there's all this build up to a day of commercialism and then on the 26th, nothing, just another day, it's like the day after the last day of vacation when you realize you have nothing to look forward to. I decided to keep the tree up until I was ready to take it down and the sudden change wouldn't make me so depressed. I passed on Valentines day and look forward to St. Patty's Day, this year I want to have fun and drink!

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