Thursday, February 28, 2008

Post 136-Handy Ma'm

So last week I picked my car up from the shop, she was overheating and it turned out the wires to the engine fan had to be replaced. Fine, great, it took over a week for the mechanic to figure that out, but in the end the cost for this trip to Mr. Mechanic was not too bad and still beats the cost of a new car. My baby is old, she turns 14 this summer and later on that day after going to Loopy for the Chevron scarf Koigu and will visiting a cute bakery someone hit my driver's side rear light when I was parked. I'm too bummed, shit happens, could have been worse, could have happened to a new car, but I don't have a new car, I have a city car now.

Broken light held together with packing tape.

Stranger who hit me left no note but I was lucky that my car had a smallish dent by the light but it broke the light itself. I can fix this, yea, really. I went online, looked around for a new light (don't want to be overcharged by a mechanic), new NEW lights are 50-70 bucks, but a gently used light was on e-bay for 15!!

New Light, I love you eBay!

Today I got the light in the mail, unscrewed the bulbs, popped out the unit and popped in the new, almost.


Little dent by the light is making it slightly difficult but I'm taking my car to another repair person that will change the oil, check the transmission fluid and secure the light better, face it I'm handy as a man just not as strong!

I've got Cotton Fleece on the brain. I really really like the yarn, always had, knitted a great baby Surplice for neighbor baby with it last year. Lately as I've been looking around on Ravelry I've come across several cute short sleeve sweaters that use the yarn, especially Rusted Root, and I want to make one but with longer sleeves.

I'm obsessed with finding the yarn for it now, it's all about the hunt and it's not like I don't have enough yarn and projects in my queue. The thing is, the yarn is 80% cotton and only 20% wool which means it would be perfect for say, a cruise? I have lots of things knitter, but no sweaters really, other than the alpaca one made with one faded ball that I'm still very pissed about. I should just face the fact that I'm a chunky monkey and make a sweater dammit! Best part about the pattern, you can try it on as you knit it, so clever me can add extra stitches if I need to hide my girth and longer to hide my hips. I'm thinking pale green, reminds me of spring and life and there is a lot on ebay that are mill ends with uneven dying which might be very pretty if the unevenness is, well, even.

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