Friday, February 15, 2008

Post 130-TCOB

Today is officially "Taking Care of Business" day. It's amazing how much work you can get done while still wearing your red plaid granny pajamas, unshowered, sitting in a comfortable chair and possessing a laptop and cell phone. As of now I know 4 things, 1. My car in the shop is currently being checked out and I will get a call about it's status latter today, 2. The post office is looking for the package sent to me by my World Yarn Swap partner and for which I never received the "PICK ME UP" card from the PO (thank goodness I have the tracking number) and they too will call me latter today, 3. Chicago does have the worst postal system in the US and now I'm thinking the world because my swap partner is in Turkey and I am here, and yes it's an APO address but still she got her box before me :(, and 4. The new Interweave is out and on the magazine stands so now I have a reason to leave the house.

Just a picture from my holiday vacation, I thought I could use a simple photo right here, should would look nice with a little yarn in it.

I am very saddened by the newest school shooting, this one was a little close to home. My best bud and her sister both went to NIU and while it's been several years since they graduated I was still anxious to call them.

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