Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Post 135-I'm Not a Complainer

Everyone is doing it, but not me, I love winter and am NOT complaining! It snowed again yesterday and was so lovely. I remember the winters of only a couple of years ago where it barely snowed and everything was barren and brown, ugh, instead I have nice white brightness.
Work on the Chevron scarf is coming along, I think it's time to put the pattern up in my projects area in Ravelry. One more class and after next week I can go back to my posse, I miss my girls so much! A couple of days ago I was looking at my stash online and decided to put some of it up in trade/sell. Why not I say, I have yarns that I'm not happy with and some that I probably won't use and if that one ball is all that another knitter needs to finish a project then that would be fantastic. One of the things I put up were the two balls of Socks That Rock Pebble Beach, yea the stuff I was playing with when swatching the Chevron Scarf. Well, someone contacted me and asked for a trade, yea I say, for the low cost of priority shipping I will get rid of stuff I don't like and get some new yarn for my stash, it's like free shopping! When I get the yarn I will post, one of the skeins is STR's Lenore, every since I saw it online I've wanted it and I heard that The Fold doesn't have it in stock right now.

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