Thursday, February 14, 2008

Post 129-V-Day

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Well, last year at this time I was on a blind date. The guy was nice but no sparks, it did however spark my dating life and the last year was my busiest. I'm not bummed that I don't have a Valentine this year, it is what it is and I do my best.

I have been very uplifted by reading several of my friends blogs and have a few things to say. I do not celebrate Lent, but I think it is as good of a time as any to do some soul searching and listening to my heart. My heart said to quit my new job, so I will tomorrow (actually it said that the first day but I wanted to give it a try). I tried to wing it looking for new employment and after much persistent got a job that I thought I would like, and I do, but it's just not for me. I am not young anymore, I'm not old either, but I am at that point in your life when you just want to live a happy harmonious life and spend it with your friends and family. I do not have family that lives close, so my friends are the substitutes and the idea of working 10-7 every Saturday and Sunday and not be able to be with my new family or be by myself was to much to deal with. I tried it for two weeks and I think it is far better to be honest and say no thank-you then to drag something along and chance that it turns bitter. Did I mention that standing for 8-10 hours straight in heels is really bad for you and that I have blisters the size of quarters on the side of each heel?

Since I started the new job the only knitting I've done was in class. And speaking of class, either the students are picking it up faster or Anne and I are getting really good at teaching 15 students to knit, at the same time. Half way done and only 3 more weeks before I can rejoin the flock. We made it well known to the University that we are more than happy to teach the class but it must remain on Monday nights.

I do not have to work tomorrow so other than calling my recruiter/temp agency I will consider tomorrow the beginning of a three day weekend and recharge myself, restore my faith, find my balance, whatever it is, embrace my fiberhood, knit, take down the tree finally, reinstall the wheel in its place and take it for a spin.

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nora said...

Sounds like a plan. Happy VD to you too! <3