Monday, February 25, 2008

Post 134-Knitting Goodness

The chevron scarf's a go! It's going fast, I think I have 16 inches done and I'm not even knitting on it constantly. I decided to use the two skeins of Koigu I got at Loopy in the end, I did try it with one of the other balls from NYC but it didn't make much of a change in the overall look so I decided to save it for later in case I want to make another with the two NYC koigu balls and the STR Pebblebeach like I sampled.

A couple of shots to show how the colors on the two balls look knitted up. One is brighter and more colorful with an occasional mute pale streak and the other is richer in reds with muted yellow, green and dark charcoal tones. I am very satisfied in the way the colors are knitting up, it's very bright, colorful and just perfect for the gray rainy days of Spring looming ahead. I can't wait to steam it flat and start wearing it, I keep looking at it and think it reminds me of my childhood in Germany.

I went out with a couple of friends on Saturday for a girl's night out, we had LOTS of fun, we were sooo naughty. Just imagine what kind of place we went. I of course had my knitting with me, I did NOT knit during the show but did ask our waiter to model with it, I was to shy to ask one of the other performers. Isn't our waiter jsut the cutest gay boy, what eyes! Unfortunately he dropped one of the balls (insert giggle here!)

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